Coronation Street, EastEnders and Emmerdale schedule changes for Tuesday 10 July 2018

Your full guide to tonight's soap drama


There are further soap schedule changes this evening thanks to continuing World Cup coverage with France v Belgium pushing EastEnders into a later timeslot, while Coronation Street and Emmerdale both get hour-long episodes tonight thanks to ITV showing the Croatia v England match tomorrow. So here’s your latest guide to what’s happening when:


Emmerdale – 7.00pm, ITV (60-minute episode)

Frank notices Megan’s pregnancy test, but she’s distracted by Graham, who brings another surprise kiss on her. But there are fresh shocks for Megan later in the episode when Charity reveals that she knows all about their illicit trysts. Elsewhere, the rest of the Dingles find out about Chas’s baby’s devastating diagnosis. And Jai reluctantly goes on a date with Manpreet’s daughter Aiesha.

Coronation Street – 8.00pm, ITV (60-minute episode)

Kayla is left devastated when she finds out that dad Neil has lost his appeal, but later schemes to reconcile with Craig. Sarah stands up to Ryan and tells him that she won’t be blackmailed. And, when Jack comes round from his operation, Kevin tries to explain to him that they’ve had to amputate his foot. Sophie, meanwhile, confides in Kate that Kevin blames her for Jack’s illness.

EastEnders 9.30pm, BBC1


Walford returnee Cora has a tempting offer for Rainie, but Max spots the exchange and questions Rainie as to whose side she’s really on. Mick, meanwhile, is furious to hear about Stuart’s intimidating behaviour towards Linda and demands an explanation. Plus the tension between Ian and Masood builds when Mel puts the pressure on them to move their van.