Neighbours: Toadie confirmed as Hugo’s father – and Sonya is accused of hurting the baby

Can the Rebecchis recover from the Fake Dee baby bombshell?


Neighbours confirms Toadie and Sonya Rebecchi’s worst fears next week when DNA test results reveal Jarrod is 100% the father of Hugo, the baby boy conceived as a result of a one-night stand with Andrea ‘Fake Dee’ Somers.


As news that the blonde con artist had been spotted spread to Ramsay Street, Toad and Sonya received a visit from Andrea’s accomplice Sindi Watts and a newborn baby boy who she claimed troubled Ms Somers had dumped on her explaining the kid was Toadie’s before doing a runner.

Sniffing another of her scams, Toadie ordered a DNA test but on Tuesday 3 July results confirm he is the baby daddy – derailing his and Sonya’s hopes for another baby as he demands they put their IVF plans on hold.

“The news Toadie is Hugo’s father is hard to deal with not so much because her husband has a baby with Andrea, but because it means Sonya and Toadie probably aren’t going to have another baby,” reveals Eve Morey, who plays the wronged Rebecchi wife. “That’s the most devastating part for her. Sonya and Toadie have worked through so much since Andrea was in their lives and managed to move forward with plans for another child, and now it may never happen.”


For Toadie there’s no escaping his responsibilities, as Ryan Moloney, who plays the Erinsborough legend, explains: “Toadie was not willing to accept Hugo until he knew the truth, having already been down that road with Willow who Andrea claimed was his daughter.

“After the results he and Sonya are very open with each other – it’s not the baby’s fault he was born, his mum has disappeared and there’s no one around to look after him, so what other choice do they have but to take him in?”

Upset her dream of expanding their family with her own biological child is in tatters, Sonya has to swallow the decision and on Thursday 5 July she’s left in charge of Hugo alone for the first time – taking her eye off him for a split second the kid rolls off the changing table and hits the floor with a thud…


“Not one part of her does this on purpose!” assures Morey. “She really didn’t mean to do it. These things happen, my first baby Ivy fell off the change table when she was little! Obviously Sonya would never mean to hurt him and she would never not embrace him. It’s more a case of can she embrace Andrea being part of their lives in this way…”

Luckily Hugo is unharmed, but fearing a relapse into addiction stressed Sonya attends an AA meeting to stop her demons taking hold as they did when Andrea was in town last year. She comes away determined to accept Hugo and fight for her marriage – but as the spectre of Fake Dee looms large, are there more curveballs for the couple around the corner?


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