Emmerdale: see Matty Barton make his debut – watch the brand-new scene

Watch actor Ash Palmisciano in action

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There’s big drama on Emmerdale tonight when Matty Barton turns up unexpectedly at Butler’s Farm, only to be knocked unconscious by Cain Dingle, who mistakes him for an intruder. As has been revealed in the press, Matty was formerly known as Moira’s daughter Hannah and returns this evening as the first transgender character on the ITV soap. Not that Cain knows about Matty’s identity just yet – as this sneak peek clip reveals, he believes that Matty is an associate of malevolent drug dealer Simon and ends up coming to blows with him.


Says actor Ash Palmisciano of his debut scene: “It’s quite the entrance! Matty has come back because he needs his birth certificate. At first, he toys with the idea of knocking on the door and speaking to his mum and then he realises that’s going to be far too awkward. Too much time has gone by. So he breaks into the house while no one is in.

“And just when he’s found what he’s looking for, he’s confronted by Cain, who thinks that Matty is an associate of drug dealer Simon. So it all ends in a confrontation, Matty gets knocked out, and just as he’s coming round, Moira enters the room…”

Thankfully, there are no such tensions behind the scenes, with Palmisciano having already spoken out in praise of both Jeff Hordley (Cain) and Natalie J Robb: “I couldn’t have picked two better people to work with,” says the soap newcomer. “I’ve really lucked out with Jeff and Natalie. They’re both very welcoming and warm, but also very experienced.

“They’ve been doing this a long time, so to pick things up from them and play against them is amazing. I clicked with Nat straight away at the audition. And Jeff is really calm and chilled, which is always good when you feel a bit nervous.”

You can see Matty Barton’s arrival in full when Emmerdale shows these scenes tonight at 7.00pm.


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