Emmerdale: Belle’s medication results in shock pregnancy twist

Who saw this one coming?

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Emmerdale’s Belle Dingle has tonight discovered that she isn’t pregnant at all. Scenes just broadcast saw Belle decide to get checked out at the hospital following a fall, only to find out that she isn’t expecting a baby.


As it turns out, Belle’s anti-psychotic medication had given her some symptoms of pregnancy, including a false pregnancy test result and some feelings of nausea.

However, this might not be the end of this particular storyline, actress Eden Taylor-Draper explains: “Belle and Lachlan are both upset by the false pregnancy reading, but Lachlan now wants the to actually for a baby and isn’t so sure.”

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Belle may be hesitant about motherhood, but Taylor-Draper herself is keen for Emmerdale to now pursue a pregnancy storyline for her character: “It would be cool to have a fake bump. It would be something different and interesting to play.”

Whether Belle and Lachlan have much of a future together, though remains to be seen. After all, he is now guilty of causing the deaths of his mum Chrissie, granddad Lawrence and best mate Gerry. So will the soap gods make sure that Lachlan faces punishment for his actions?

Says actor Thomas Atkinson: “I don’t think it puts a ‘best before’ date on the character. Everybody knows that characters who kill do eventually have their comeuppance, but there are still people in the village who committed murder years ago, so we’ll see.

“I enjoy playing the character, though, it’s fun because he’s a complete psychopath but tries to justify his actions and doesn’t see it that way at all.”


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