The Archers: Nic Grundy dies from sepsis – after making mystery confession to Joe

Husband Will was left grief stricken in the latest episode of the Radio 4 soap


Nic Grundy has been killed off on BBC Radio 4 soap The Archers after contracting sepsis.


Friday’s episode found Nic (Becky Wright) being admitted to hospital after she was found in a fevered state by husband Will. Doctors soon told Will that a cut on Nic’s arm had become infected and that she’d developed the blood poisoning condition known as sepsis.

With her condition rapidly worsening, listeners then heard Nic say a tragic goodbye to Will and her four children (George, Poppy, Jake and Mia) before passing away.

Following the broadcast, fans took to social media to express their shock:

Before she died, though, Nic was heard making a whispered confession to Joe, but only he and not listeners heard what was said.

Admitting that she felt she wasn’t a good person, Nic proceeded to lean closer to Joe’s ear and make a mystery admission, mere minutes before her demise.

Devotees of The Archers will now have to wait to find out whether Joe divulges what he’s heard, although speculation is currently rife that Nic owned up to being the one who recently left Matt Crawford’s life on the line after knocking him down on a deserted country road late last year.

So was this what Nic ‘fessed up to – or was her guilt down to a different matter entirely?


The Archers returns tonight at 7.00pm