Emmerdale: Ross Barton is victim of “devastating” acid attack – Michael Parr interview

The actor reveals he's nervous about the dramatic new storyline

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Emmerdale’s Ross Barton becomes the victim of an acid attack next week as he gets caught in the crossfire of the bitter feud between the Tates and the Dingles.


It’s set to be a massive storyline for actor Michael Parr, who teased a huge new plot for his character earlier this month that was “the most exciting development yet” for bad boy Ross.

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“It’s a big responsibility and one that I was nervous about taking on,” shares the star. “It’s so important to get it right and do the story justice.”

The attack occurs as Ross is forced to decide where his loyalties lie having agreed to help ex-lover Debbie Dingle destroy Joe Tate by working for him and playing the trustworthy employee. When Deb wants to plant drugs at Home Farm, Ross announces he’s bowing out – but why has he suddenly switched sides?

“Ross is trying to play a longer game with Joe but Debbie isn’t patient enough and gets quite snappy,” continues Parr. “Ross feels like she’s ungrateful so wants out.”

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But it’s not a simple case of changing allegiances, as Joe is furious when he discovers Ross was in league with Debbie and dodgy dad Cain all along and fires him for his deceit.

Meanwhile, Cain has contacted local drug dealer Simon (last seen when Moira Dingle recently tapped up her dead daughter Holly’s supplier for a fix) to get some illegal substances to plant at Home Farm, but Joe’s cohort Graham Foster intercepts the plan, foils the Dingles, and deals with Simon in his own inimitable way.

A badly beaten Simon tracks Debbie down and demands the money she promised, but seeing as the scam failed she refuses – unless he does his worst with smug Joe and tells him to mess the millionaire up good and proper…

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With Simon on the warpath, Ross is having a showdown with the Tate tyrant at the big house. “Ross was starting to think he’d rather be on Joe’s team than Debbie’s, but then both of them turn on him and Ross feels hard done by.

“When Ross is sacked he’s gutted as he was about to stop playing games for the Dingles and be loyal to Joe. Ross knows he’s messed it up, so he steals Joe’s car as revenge for getting fired.”

It’s a case of mistaken identity when the attack happens, as Ross gets out of Mr Tate’s stolen swanky car at Dale View and is set upon by Simon – mistaking Ross for Joe, the devious druggie runs up and throws acid in his face, leaving Ross screaming in agony…

Parr has already spoken of the extensive preparation he’s made for this horrifying development for Ross, and confirms the show will fully explore the consequences of the assault.

“I know this is a reality for some people,” he says. “The Emmerdale team have done extensive research and we really want to raise awareness of the devastating consequences an attack like this has on a person’s life.”


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