Coronation Street: “Rana thinks she can still save her marriage” Bhavna Limbachia interview

What happens when Rana's family discover her infidelity?

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Coronation Street’s Rana Nazir faces further emotional turmoil next week in the wake of her confession to husband Zeedan she’s been cheating on him.


The nurse has been tormented by her forbidden feelings for friend Kate Connor, and despite their secret affair being over felt compelled to confess the infidelity to her husband.

But as the fallout continues and news of the scandalous affair spreads to her family, it’s not the end of the story – or necessarily the Nazirs’ marriage. Bhavna Limbachia, who plays Rana, reveals the ‘Kana’ saga is set to take some surprising turns that fans won’t be expecting…

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Why did Rana decide to come clean to Zeedan about the affair even though it was over with Kate?

She is ridden with guilt, seeing Zeedan trying so hard to build a life for them together with the business and talking about children. Seeing Kate every day she was a complete mess and she couldn’t cope with the guilt anymore.

She stopped short of telling him she’d been seeing a woman…

She has been so disloyal to Zeedan and he has been so supportive of her. As she started to tell him she had feelings for someone else she knew immediately from his reaction that is as far as she could go. She couldn’t say anything more as he was hurting so much.

Had she planned to tell him everything?

I don’t think she had thought it through, it all just happened on the spur of the moment. I think she would have told him everything but she didn’t get that far.

Was she hoping he’d end the marriage or forgive her?

A bit of both. Rana wants to get rid of her guilt and try and do the right thing. She knows how kind and loving Zeedan is and she has a false hope that they can try and work on their marriage with this out in the open, and her absolved of guilt. She isn’t doing it to clear the way for her and Kate as that is over, she just wants to move on with Zeedan with no more secrets.

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What about her family?

It is an extremely complex situation. She is worried they might find out, she has only just won their trust and respect and  knows she could be completely on her own if they knew what has happened. Rana could lose everyone and be totally isolated – that fear is what stopped her from telling Zeedan the whole truth because she knows her family and the community will disown her. With her brother Imran’s divorce she has witnessed her family’s disappointment and that is the last thing she wants for herself.

When the family do find out next week her lover is a woman, is it the reaction she expected?

I don’t think she could have ever been prepared for how they react and how disgusted they are with her for being unfaithful. She is also hurt because they expected her to mess up, they are not surprised, they have always seen her as a disappointment because she had a ring of boyfriends and was this party girl who they never thought would settle down. She finally got married and in their eyes she’s ruined it.

How does Yasmeen react?

Leanne tells Yasmeen and Rana is taken aback how reasonable and supportive she is, which completely throws her. Naturally she is protective of her grandchild but her reaction is not the same as Rana’s parents. She tries to be fair and understand both sides of the situation.


Does Rana still love Zeedan?

She loves him but she is not in love with him. This is the first time she has fallen deeply and madly in love with anyone and it happens to be a woman. She has never labelled herself as gay or as bisexual but Kate accepted her for who she is. She doesn’t want to hurt Zeedan, but she is in too deep now.

Kana fans have been waiting for this moment, did you feel it was important Rana came clean?

Yes, we  owe it to those girls for Rana to be honest about who she is. It’s a huge responsibility – there are so many people who don’t feel they are able to come out and hopefully this will encourage conversations in households within every community and let people feel able to be honest about who they are.

Do Kate and Rana have a future?

It will be interesting to see how it develops once the whole story is out in the open, the reaction of Rana’s family is going to play a huge factor in whether Kate and Rana can ever be together. I hope they can, I’d love to see a Kana wedding!


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