EastEnders: Tiff lies about her age and meets up with dodgy lads – is she in danger?

What has Tiff got herself mixed up in?


Tiffany Butcher’s bad behaviour appeared to be spiralling out of control in tonight’s EastEnders, as the teenager ran away from the Square and met up with a group of very unsavoury looking lads and indulged in some worrying underage antics.


Since she arrived on big sister Whitney Carter’s doorstep unannounced a few weeks ago, cheeky Tiff has told lie after lie about why she left home, faking a pregnancy and pretending mum Bianca had tried to kill herself.


Desperate to get to the bottom of Tiff’s unruly activities, especially after she ruined her chances of making a fresh start in Wakefield, Whitney contacted stepbrother TJ Spraggan who returned to Walford to discuss their sister.

But TJ proved to be no help, just putting the girl’s actions down to her being a moody teenager and not seeming to care when Tiff took off at seeing her brother in the house – clearly scared he’d expose her lies.


As worried Whit searched for her sis, viewers saw Tiff away from the Square late at night meeting up with a group of dodgy lads hanging out on the bonnet of a car playing loud music and drinking. Clearly this was a pre-arranged liaison, as a fella called Blake was expecting Tiff.

Asking if she was 16 as he had been led to believe, Tiffany insisted she was – when in actual fact she’s only 14 – and took a swig of alcohol…


What has Tiff got mixed up in? Why is she lying about her age to sleazy blokes and arranging to meet up in secret? Is she in danger? Blake mentioned how Tiff looked the same in person as she did in her picture – is the girl being groomed online? Can Whitney find her in time and save the vulnerable teen?

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