Emmerdale: Moira confesses to Ross and Pete she killed Emma

A violent showdown ensues for the Bartons next week

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Emmerdale killer Moira Dingle confesses her crime to Ross and Pete Barton next week that she murdered their mother Emma – how will the grieving brothers react to the bombshell their auntie pushed their troubled parent causing her to plunge off that viaduct?


Troubled Moira is in meltdown when the police tell her they’ve found a body which they suspect could be her son Adam’s, who is on the run from jail having taken the blame for the murder to protect his mother.

Ross offers support and is there to comfort Moira when the cops come calling, but will they confirm her worst fears? Whatever the police reveal, Moira is in an emotional state when the police leave and unable to deal with her guilt any longer she tells Ross she killed Emma.


Unsurprisingly, Ross is raging at his relative and lashes out in anger, pinning Moira up against the wall. Big brother Pete arrives to find the fracas in full flow and orders Ross to stop – but how will Pete himself react when he discovers the truth about Emma’s death?

With more people in on the big secret, Moira’s fate now lies in the hands of the Barton brothers – will they tell the police or keep quiet? Or have they got their own revenge in mind?

Meanwhile, Moira also shares a passionate kiss with estranged husband Cain next week, but what does that mean for their romantic future, and will Harriet Finch find out her fella is locking lips with his ext?


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