EastEnders: Ben and Jay are quizzed by the police about the heist

First look at the aftermath of Aidan's bungled job


EastEnders’ epic heist ended in disaster when Aidan Maguire led his gormless gang to a graveyard to dig up the loot they’d lost, only to discover the coffin they expected to find full of cash was empty.


Aidan ordered everyone to scarper as police sirens were heard in the distance, with Phil Mitchell looking like he’d been left behind.

In brand new pictures from tomorrow night’s episode, Ben Mitchell and Jay Brown get a visit from the boys in the blue at the arches.

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Predictably denying any knowledge of suspicious activity in the Waflord area in the last few days when questioned (gangsters’ code and all that), the fellas are then stunned when the police show them a picture of Aidan.

Maintaining their poker faces, Ben and Jay later are later left wondering what Phil has been up to and who the enigmatic Aidan really is…

What was Phil’s fate from Thursday’s cliffhanger? Is he hiding out in the arches? Has he fled the country? Where is Aidan? And will we finally learn if Mel Owen is somehow involved in all of this?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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