Emmerdale terror: Tom turns evil and kills Debbie?

The rich businessman appears to have a vendetta against Debbie


Emmerdale newcomer Tom Waterhouse has been revealed to have a dark side, with tonight’s episode hinting that he plans to kill Debbie Dingle.


Rich businessman Tom has certainly charmed his new girlfriend, buying her a house in the village and ingratiating himself with her children Sarah and Jack.

But Wednesday’s cliffhanger saw Tom’s right-hand man Gordon ask whether his boss was thinking of deviating from his original plan. To which Tom replied: “You don’t dig a grave and leave it empty.”

All of which has left fans fearing that Debbie could well be meeting her maker very soon. Speaking recently about Debbie’s new romance, actress Charley Webb said her character should be cautious:

“I would warn her to go carefully,” said the soap star. “I think someone looking in would realise that Tom paying her all that money was suspicious. Something doesn’t quite add up.”


Which has got us thinking: just what is the reason for Tom wanting to target Debbie? Does he have a grudge against her that necessitates retribution? Does he have criminal connections that are yet to be revealed? And is he really called Tom Waterhouse?


After all, he’s hardly been a visible presence in the village since making Debbie’s acquaintance. And next week, it seems as though Debbie’s mum Charity will discover a secret that the potentially deadly Tom that she’s keen to share with her daughter.

Added Webb: “When Charity asks for a word with Debbie, she doesn’t think it’s anything to do with Tom. She just thinks it’s Charity being Charity. And as soon as her mum tells her what it’s about, Debbie tries to be defensive. But that drops quite quickly and she goes straight round to see Tom.”

But will Debbie get the truth out of Tom? And is she risking her life by engineering a showdown?

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