EastEnders: Mick Carter and Keanu Taylor on location for top secret new storyline

Is Mick on the run? Has Albert Square been shut down?

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EastEnders has released new images of the cast filming a top secret storyline on location today, with Mick Carter and Keanu Taylor clashing in the street – but what’s going on?


Danny Dyer is seen as a very dressed down Mick – no landlord’s smart waistcoat here – apparently trying to get access to a closed road, manned by Danny Walters as hapless Keanu who seems to be working as part of the road gang.

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Keanu doesn’t look happy with Mick as he brandishes a ‘stop/go’ sign which Mr Carter is clearly ignoring. Where is Mick trying to get to? Why is the road closed and a diversion in place?

Has there been another bus crash or gas explosion-style disaster that has shut off access to the Square, and Keanu (who finally seems to have found a job, the life modelling clearly having dried up) is attempting to explain to the publican it’s too dangerous to go any further?

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Has James Willmott-Brown pushed the button on the Weyland master plan to redevelop the area and they’ve started bulldozing the place, with the council called to man the area and stop people going in? Why was Mick not there in the first place?

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Is he on the run? He’s wearing some comedy animal slippers which suggests he’s been caught out – or thrown out. Have him and daughter-in-law Whitney given into temptation again and reignited their little spark and been ejected by a fuming Linda?

Or could there be a whole other explanation? We know Mick is desperate for cash to raise funds to stop the family losing their precious pub, so could Mick have been out robbing or doing something equally dodgy to get his hands on some much-needed money?

EastEnders have not revealed any further details on the storyline at this stage, so expect the speculation to continue…

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