Hollyoaks: double death shock as Neeta and Frankie are killed off

Stunt week claims two lives in tonight's first-look episode


Hollyoaks have aired dramatic exits for two characters caught up in the much-hyped stunt week, Neeta Kaur and Frankie Osborne.


Viewers feared Neeta’s fate was sealed in yesterday’s cliffhanger (or should that be floorhanger?) when the teacher’s jealous ex Mac Nightingale let her fall when the ground collapsed beneath her, stung by the betrayal of her scandalous affair with pupil Hunter McQueen.

Tonight Myra delivered the heartbreaking news to her relative his beloved Miss Kaur hadn’t made it out of the collapsing school, following a gas explosion caused by mad Mac damaging the boiler pipes in a fit of rage.

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But the naughty Mr Nightingale sneaked out of the school and feigned shock when daughter Ellie told him about the blast and Neeta’s fate. Pretending he wasn’t even at the school when disaster struck, how long until the evil landlord’s lies are exposed and it emerges he caused the destruction and let his ex-fiancee fall to her death?


Meanwhile, in an audacious twist, the second death came away from the pyrotechnics as Frankie Osborne saw a TV newsflash about the explosion at home and collapsed from the shock of knowing her entire family were at the school. It was later revealed to husband Jack, after he’d been pulled out of the wreckage, she had died of a massive stroke.

It was particularly tragic for the couple as Frankie was on the verge of leaving Jack for ex Johnno Dean, but she had come to her senses just before she died.


How will the Osbornes cope without their larger-than-life matriarch? Will Hunter go off the rails without Neeta? And will Mac pay the price now he’s basically become a killer?

There are more surprises and emotional moments promised in the aftermath of Neeta and Frankie’s deaths as Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.


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