Emmerdale: Emma Barton’s death confirmed as murder! But who killed her?

The soap police are now officially treating it as a murder inquiry

The Police want to search the house just as the funeral starts

Emmerdale’s troubled killer Emma Barton was murdered, police confirmed tonight.


In shock scenes just aired, DS Benton made an unexpected appearance at the funeral of Finn Barton, the son unstable Emma accidentally shot after fleeing from starting the blaze in a barn after confessing to Moira Dingle she murdered her ex-husband James.

Having spoken to a pathologist earlier about the strong possibility Emma’s injuries pointed to foul play rather than suicide, tenacious cop Benton began to suspect the murderous nurse may not have taken her own life as was assumed when she was found having fallen from a very high viaduct.


The pathologist particularly noted the marks on her arm and bruising to the face suggested there was a struggle very shortly before she died.

Arriving at the church just as Finn’s coffin was being carried in for the service, DS Benton cornered grieving Barton brothers Pete and Ross, and asked permission to search the house.

Then came the bombshell to the boys that their mother’s post mortem had brought new things to light, and that the police no longer think Emma was on the viaduct alone – they are now launching a murder investigation…

Speculation has been rife there could be more to Emma’s demise since last week’s dramatic episode where Ross found his mother’s body then did a runner, with police noting yesterday the absence of a suicide note looked highly suspicious.  What’s weirder still is that viewers saw Emma writing a note which she left with Moira’s baby in the church – but it’s since disappeared…

Emmerdale producer Iain MacLeod confirms this latest twist kicks off a major whodunit. “There’s lots of characters to point the finger at,” he says, “because Emma’s trodden on so many peoples’ toes in the village that there’s no shortage of potential suspects.”

And with an hour-long episode still to come from 8pm (there’s 90 minutes of Dales drama this evening) fans will be watching closely to see which villagers will be looking guilty…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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