Emmerdale: Emma Barton DIDN’T commit suicide?

The police certainly don't seem convinced...


Doubt has been cast on whether Emma Barton really did take her own life, thanks to a surprise revelation in tonight’s Emmerdale.


Wednesday’s episode of the ITV soap saw the police surreptitiously observing Ross and Pete as they visited Finn’s grave.

A cliffhanger scene featured one officer then remarking to the other that the fact Emma didn’t leave a suicide note was suspicious.

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It was then revealed that they would be paying a visit to the village tomorrow to ask further questions.

Both Barton brothers currently appear to be united in grief over Finn’s death as they prepare for his upcoming funeral.

But as viewers know, Ross is hiding a secret – he actually discovered his mum’s body at the bottom of the Hotton viaduct before fleeing the scene.

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So do the police now believe that there is more to Emma’s death than meets the eye? And will Ross find himself under suspicion as a result?

Emmerdale returns for a double bill on Thursday at 7.00 and 8.00pm, ITV.

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