EastEnders: Ben Mitchell to discover the truth about Willmott-Brown?

There was a shock showdown at Weyland HQ tonight


James Willmott-Brown’s secret plan for Albert Square came one step closer to being busted by none other than Ben Mitchell in tonight’s EastEnders – how long before the truth is revealed to the entire community and he comes face-to-face with Kathy Beale again?


Miffed at seemingly being dumped by posh totty Luke Browning after just one night in the Arches and a curtailed cuppa with his parents, heartbroken Ben couldn’t understand why his potential latest love interest scarpered after meeting his mum – unaware of the link with Luke’s dad James Willmott-Brown, who raped Kathy nearly 30 years ago.

Realising how close to home this conquest was and that it could jeopardise his dad’s dastardly plans, Luke ignored Ben’s texts leading the Mitchell mechanic to well and truly get the hint that it was over.


But Ben wanted answers, and decided to deliver Luke’s fixed car back to his workplace after seeing the company name ‘Weyland’ on the keyring.

Turning up unexpectedly at that swanky office way, way up in the clouds of Canary Wharf, Ben faced an awkward Luke and unleashed a tirade of abuse at the buff businessman about how he cast aside his ‘bit of rough’ all too readily and that he wasn’t going to stand for it.


Forced to take the verbal abuse, Luke was then given a dressing down behind closed doors by Uncle Hugo, who issued a sinister warning to his nephew once he discovered he’d slept with Kathy Beale’s son about mixing business with pleasure.

Luke begged Hugo not to tell James what he’d done, and realised the potential it could have to wreck what Willmott-Brown has in store (we’re still waiting on what that actually is, by the way).


Ben briefly questioned Luke’s story of working for Weyland when he initially told him he was employed by Grafton Hill – which also worried Hugo who expressed his concern to Luke that Ben could make the link between the two companies sniffing around the Square and expose everything.

Despite Luke talking his way out of it with a hastily-concocted explanation of them being sister companies, this puts Ben firmly in the orbit of the sinister Willmott-Brown dynasty.

With this week’s news that Harry Reid is leaving the show, could tonight’s encounter be the start of a sticky end for Ben at the hands of Weyland gang? If he did work out who was behind all this, how far would they be prepared to go to silence him and stop their scheme from being derailed? Or what if Ben learnt his mother’s rapist was on the loose and decided to exact deadly revenge, potentially putting Kathy’s son behind bars for murder?

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