Neighbours: Terese and Gary’s wedding ends in disaster as she confesses to sleeping with Paul

Olympia Valance and Mavournee Hazel on being bridesmaids at Ramsay Street's ruined wedding


Neighbours’ upcoming nuptials for Terese Willis and Gary Canning descends into chaos next week when a confession of indiscretion at the altar turns the wedding into a war zone.


Terese has been concealing her illicit liaison with ex Paul Robinson from her oblivious fiance, but on the morning of the ceremony she’s wracked with guilt. Daughter and stepdaughter Piper Willis and Paige Smith act as bridesmaids, and assist the nervous future Mrs Canning by helping with the arrangements.

Concerned Paige, who knows about Terese and Paul’s sexy secret, even pays a visit to the Robinson rogue warning him to keep away from the big day.


“Paige knows about the indiscretion with Paul,” reveals Olympia Valance, who plays Paige, “but she thinks her stepmum should go through with the wedding and that everything will just pan out as it should. However, Terese can’t handle it any longer.”

In the end it’s Terese herself who can’t go through with it and she confesses all about her dalliance with Paul as she’s about to deliver her vows to a gobsmacked Gary – sparking a full-on fight among the congregation as the truth about Terese’s betrayal rocks Ramsay Street.


“Piper is shocked to hear what her mum has done,” says Mavournee Hazel, aka Piper. “A big fight breaks out and it’s horrific. Xanthe, Gary’s daughter, and Piper are best friends and were going to be stepsisters and live together. But following Terese’s revelation the Cannings and the Willises are pitted against each other.

“It’s classic Ramsay Street family rivalry, and not the kind of thing that can be resolved overnight,” continues Hazel. “Gary is so deeply in love with Terese and with daughter Xanthe and mum Sheila both angry and in his ear I don’t think he’ll be forgiving her for what she’s done any time soon.”


Following the wedding, on screen next Monday, the Erinsborough clans will start an almighty feud sparked by the events of the doomed ceremony – but despite how the day ends, Valance says filming the event made it all worth it, and shows Neighbours at it’s best.

“I love those big occasions, the weddings and all that,” she smiles. “It means the cast get to work together on the same scenes which is rare, and it’s great fun. Plus all the different departments throughout the whole production really get to show what they can do, the art department with all the staging plus the costume department creating these wonderful dresses.

“Plus whenever there’s a wedding you know there’s going to be drama – and there are some pretty intense scenes with this one!”


Neighbours airs the explosive wedding episodes on Monday 9 October, and continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.