EastEnders shock: Luke realises Kathy is Ben’s mum!

Will he use the information to further Willmott-Brown's plan?

Week 40 - Luke Kathy and Ben

Unscrupulous Luke Browning is in for a surprise on tonight’s EastEnders when he comes face to face with Ben’s mum Kathy.


Luke has been busy getting passionate with Ben in recent episodes of the BBC1 soap, unaware of his family connections.

Now, all that is set to change when Phil suggests that Luke comes round to meet the Mitchells. Thursday’s episode will see Luke do his best to impress Phil and Sharon, but is taken back when he realises what Ben’s link is to Kathy.

Week 40 - Luke and Kathy

As fans know, deluded James Willmott-Brown – who was sent to prison after raping Kathy in 1988 – is Luke’s father and is currently out to get revenge on the woman he believes ruined his life!

So will Luke now start to use his relationship with Ben to further his dad’s sick scheme? Or is he set to have a crisis of conscience about what his own family is doing?

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