Coronation Street: Eva Price sleeps with Adam Barlow next week

Will Eva regret it or is she ready to move on after Aidan?


Coronation Street is lining up a potential – if somewhat inevitable – new romance for Eva Price next week when she falls into bed with Adam Barlow.


Following the spectacular collapse of her relationship with Aidan Connor, Eva is feeling sorry for herself. When Aidan confessed his affair with Maria Connor on the morning of their wedding, Eva forgave him and pushed ahead with the ceremony – only for vengeful Maria to expose Ms Price’s fake pregnancy revenge plot at the altar.

Eva begged forgiveness, explaining she only pretended to be preggers to teach cheating Aidan a lesson, and eventually her fiance agreed to put it all behind them and the couple decided to stay together… for all of five minutes, until the Connors’ factory was stripped of everything – including the roof – thanks to Eva providing partner-in-crime Adam Barlow with inside knowledge to destroy the business.

It was a step too far Aidan who dumped Eva for fleecing his family, and with the help of his arch-rival Adam to boot.

Next week, eager Adam visits Eva with a bottle of booze and a plan to cheer her up. Reiterating how hard he’s fallen for the beautiful blonde, the pickled pair end up in a passionate clinch and spend the night together.

Adam is delighted his pursuit of the pretty Ms Price has finally paid off, but will Eva feel the same in the cold light of day? Or does her heart still lie with Aidan, despite all the drama?


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