Emmerdale: Aaron covers for Robert after Liv’s brush with death – here’s what happens next

Robert's plan to poison Lawrence remains a secret, but for how long?


Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden appears to have got away with accidentally drugging Liv Flaherty as Aaron Dingle agreed to cover up his secret scheme to poison Lawrence White tonight – but how long before the slippery Sugden is exposed following this near-miss?


Following last night’s hospital dash where Liv was found unconscious after necking a bottle of Lawrence’s best brandy unaware it was laced with diazepam, the teen woke up on the ward and big brother Aaron was relieved to learn she should make a full recovery.

Admitting she only went on the rampage and got drunk because she was upset Robert had denied wishing he was still with Aaron in front of Rebecca, the disgusted Dingle tracked down his ex and accused him of driving Liv to hit the bottle – as far as he was concerned, this makes Robert 100% responsible for her brush with death.


Panicking Aaron could blab about his plot to poison his former father-in-law, Robert pointed out to Aaron he hadn’t told the police Liv had also stolen his car – with social services already sniffing around wanting to know why the young girl in his care has been drinking alcohol laced with drugs, this made Aaron think twice about blowing the whistle on rotten Rob…

Spinning a line to Liv at her bedside that the brandy she drunk was deliberately spiked but only because Robert and Rebecca had secretly put it there as a sneaky way to ensure stubborn Lawrence was taking his medication, Aaron hoped his sibling would accept the story and say nothing about the suspicious presence of prescription drugs in the bottle of booze.


But canny Liv clearly didn’t buy it – forcing Aaron to spell it out that the cops still don’t know she nicked the car and that they should stick to the story if she wants to stay out of trouble…

So Aaron has begrudgingly agreed to cover for his old flame, does this mean there’s renewed hope for a Robron reunion? “Aaron has been very firm about the fact their relationship is through,” reveals Ryan Hawley, who plays Robert. “He feels Aaron has abandoned the idea of them as a couple so he thinks there isn’t any chance. At this stage Robert doesn’t have any reason to believe or hope that he and Aaron will ever get back together…”

Despite Aaron keeping his counsel for now, Liv may need more convincing and Robert remains fretful his master plan is closer to being busted – especially later this week when ex-stepson Lachlan grows suspicious of his actions, forcing Rob to up the stakes and pretend to bond with Lawrence.

With Liv on his conscience, how far is Robert prepared to go to destroy Mr White and seize control of the Home Farm empire?

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