Hollyoaks: big autumn 2017 storylines revealed in new trailer!

New faces, old scores, confessions and kidnapping - just another new season in Hollyoaks...


Hollyoaks have unveiled an exciting new trailer previewing the big storylines ahead for autumn 2017.


Long-running plots such as the murder of Amy Barnes, the love triangle between Warren Fox, Sienna Blake and Grace Black and the scandalous affair between Neeta Kaur and her pupil Hunter McQueen will be taking huge twists as the nights draw in, and a raft of sizzling new stories are set to kick off including the arrival of Glenn Donovan and a sinister secret for the teens.

Here’s our breakdown of the trailer’s most tantalising moments and what they might mean…

Tony and Harry (2)

Harry’s killer confession

Tony Hutchinson is horrified when son Harry Thompson confesses to killing Amy Barnes and throws him out of the family home and homocidal Harry about to tell all to his victim’s widow Ryan Knight. But with that mysterious flashback hinting that Harry might not have been responsible for Amy’s death after all, is there another curveball to come?

Mac Neeta Hunter (5)

Mac’s fiery revenge

Mad Mac Nightingale sees red when he witnesses a moment of intimacy between Neeta and Hunter. Having forbidden her to have any involvement with her ex-toy boy, Neeta finally stands up to the bullying landlord and forces him to see their relationship is dead. But when Mac sets fire to a picture of Neeta and Hunter, the situation is set to get even more explosive…

Sienna cottage (1)

Pregnant Sienna held hostage

Grace and Sienna team up to kill Warren as revenge for betraying them both, but it appears Foxy is onto their plan as he locks heavily pregnant Sienna up in a remote cottage and threatens to steal their twins the second they’re born. Will Sienna and the babies be in danger? And what will the discovery of Bart McQueen’s body mean for Warrenna?

Glenn Donovan

Darcy’s mystery man

The identity of the menacing fella Darcy has been secretly contacting is finally revealed as Glenn Donovan – estranged dad to Adam and Jesse. Why has he come to the village, and what secrets are him and Darcy hiding from the rest of the family?

Peri Yasmine Lily (1)

Lily, Peri and Yasmine’s pact

Troubled Lily Drinkwell has been secretly struggling with self-harm and has clashed with fellow schoolgirls Yasmine Maalik and Peri Lomax. But the trailer shows the teen trio colluding in a sinister-sounding pact, declaring that “no one can ever know about this…” What shocking secret are the girls hiding?

Maaliks (1)

The Maaliks move in

Talking of Yasmine, she and her family finally move into the village as Misbah’s stepson Sami and youngest child Imran join her, Yasmine and Farrah. But a secret from the Maaliks’ tragic past will have an impact on their future as Sami appears to have an ulterior motive for coming to Hollyoaks…

Also teased are Cleo McQueen and Joel Dexter discussing baby plans, Darren Osborne being released from prison early, and Milo Entwistle’s creepy obsession with the Cunninghams intensifying.

Watch the exciting trailer below:


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.