Home and Away: Robbo saves Kat and Brody in dramatic showdown with Zannis

Could this explain Robbo's mysterious past before the amnesia?


It’s Robbo to the rescue in upcoming episodes of Home and Away as Brody Morgan and Ziggy Astoni are held hostage by evil drug dealer Zannis and have to be saved by the tattooed amnesic. But Robbo’s actions bring him closer to cop Chapman – and could unlock the mystery of his true identity.


With Ziggy having been abducted by Zannis and his gang, Brody Morgan is lured to a motel unaware he’s walking into a trap set by the dealer he betrayed by collaborating with the cops. Horrified to see Ziggy tied up, Brody begs Zannis to let her go as he’s the one the crazed criminal has got the problem with.


However, vengeful Zannis reveals his sinister master plan – to kill Brody and Ziggy by forcing them to take a drug overdose but make it look like an accident.

Meanwhile, copper Kat Chapman worries when Brody fails to turn up at his parole hearing, and suspects foul play when Irene Roberts tells her he went to meet Ziggy after she sent him a message asking him to meet her at a motel. Setting off with Robbo in tow, Kat arrives just as Brody and Ziggy fear their fate is sealed.


Busting the door down, Kat is knocked out by one of Zannis’s goons and is then tied up and left in the motel room while the druggy gang drag Brody and Ziggy out to move them to another location.


Robbo has stayed in the car clocking all the activity – but when he sees the two terrified Bay residents being led to a getaway vehicle he leaps into action and takes down Zannis and his entire gang, weapons and all.


Having managed to break free in time to witness Robbo’s heroic moment, Kat is convinced he must be a trained cop judging by the way he handled himself – how else could he have disabled a whole gang of thugs with such seemingly little effort?


Whether or not this is true, the incident intensifies the obvious attraction between Kat and Robbo – much to Kat’s boyfriend’s Ash’s annoyance…

So was Robbo really a policeman in his former life? Will he start to remember who he is? Could there be another explanation? And how long before him and Kat get it on?


Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 September on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.