EastEnders: has Steven Beale killed for Max Branning?

Max might have just made psycho Steven a murderer

EastEnders Max Steven confrontation

EastEnders’ Steven Beale may have just committed murder thanks to his manipulation at the hands of Max Branning – and despite forcing him into a terrible crime, his future father-in-law couldn’t care less…


The game of cat-and-mouse between the Beale and Branning bad boys has been playing out all week, but intensified when Max demanded Steven do some dirty work on his behalf by getting rid of some tenants from a property he’s in charge of – by any means necessary. If Steven refused, Max threatened to reveal all to daughter Lauren about his sick brain tumour lie, so the barmy Beale was well and truly backed into a corner.

However, things obviously got a bit out of hand as a menacing-looking Steven took dad Ian’s car and drove off to deal with the tenants, and a short time later the sound of fire engines could be heard in the distance and the Vic was abuzz with news of an arson attack nearby.


A concerned Max slipped out of the pub and found Steven lurking in the shadows, and a heated confrontation in an alleyway revealed he resorted to extreme methods to get rid of the tenants. Shaken Steven had started a fire at the property that spiralled out of control and may have inadvertently killed the occupants. Horrified Max made it clear that if there are any fatalities, it can’t be traced back to him and Steven will be the one to take the blame…

Gaining the upper hand, mean Max scarpered leaving Steven in a state about his fate. Has Max just made a murderer of his daughter’s intended? Is Lauren about to find out her boyfriend is a liar and a killer?


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