Emmerdale: Aaron Dingle’s prison nemesis Jason returns next week

The bully who subjected Aaron to homophobic abuse behind bars is back


Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle gets an unwelcome blast from the past next week when he sees a familiar face – prison bully Jason. This means trouble… 


Having observed his progress while teaching him how to be a boxer, Zak advises Aaron needs a different outlet for his aggression and suggests the lad gets a new training partner and hits the gym. 


Roping in best made Adam Barton, the boys get down to pumping some iron to see if that will curb the Dingle’s dark temper. Adam also has the ulterior motive of trying to impress estranged wife Victoria by getting all buff in the hope of winning her back…

But a spanner is thrown in the works for both lads when they see Vic getting chatted up down the gym by none other than Jason, the nasty thug who subjected Aaron to homophobic abuse and drove him to drugs while behind bars earlier in the year. 


Aaron and Jason came face-to-face last month when the bald baddie made a surprise appearance in the village and almost sold him drugs, but ended up pushing over the edge back to self harming.

Their feud is reignited immediately, and Adam is not impressed he’s making eyes at his missus – how far will the hatred go? And will Vic be seduced by Jason?  


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