EastEnders: Carmel discovers Max’s big secret?

Is Max about to be busted?


Max Branning is a man with many secrets, but might his duplicity be exposed by Carmel in next week’s EastEnders?


The backstabbing Mr Branning has been under orders from the mysterious Chairman at Weyland & Co to seize control of such Albert Square businesses as the Queen Vic and the launderette. And upcoming episodes will also see him try to prise the chippy from out of Ian Beale’s grasp.

But will Max’s underhand tactics come to the attention of a suspicious Carmel Kazemi?


Scenes to be shown on Thursday 20 July see Carmel deciding to cook a romantic meal for Max, only for the evening to take a strange turn when she catches him reading her council planning files. So will Carmel work out what Max is up to?


All we can say is that Max will have to do some very quick thinking as he’s forced to come up with a cover story. But will Carmel believe what he’s saying?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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