Coronation Street: Bethany self-harms after getting shock news about Nathan – what happens next?

We reveal what Corrie fans can expect to see in next week's episodes


Bethany Platt has been left reeling on tonight’s Coronation Street after she found out that the police don’t have enough evidence to press charges against evil pimp Nathan Curtis.


Feeling guilty about not revealing under police questioning that pervert officer Neil was Nathan’s co-conspirator, Bethany ended up taking her anger out on herself.

Scenes just broadcast saw Bethany flee to a quiet corner of the Street where she started to scratch at the cigarette burn administered by Nathan.


But what she doesn’t know is that desperate mum Sarah has confided in Mary that she’s going to have Neil come and visit Bethany, thinking that he’s been a source of help in the past.


Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Bethany doing her best to mask her fear when Neil calls round to have a chat.

But her apprehension will not be lost on Craig who, after quizzing Bethany about Neil’s visit, hears the full details about the predatory copper’s history.

However, after Craig resolves to report Neil for his crimes, Bethany begs him not to, revealing how he threatened to hurt her family if she blabbed. So will Craig keep Bethany’s secret or make sure that justice is done?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.

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