Home and Away: Brody’s drug dealer kills Tori?

Drama for the Morgans as evil Zannis targets Brody's family


Brody Morgan’s dalliance with the drug dealing underworld of Summer Bay has serious consequences for the rest of his family in upcoming episodes of Home and Away, when his sister Tori is poisoned by Brody’s evil associate, Zannis.


As he desperately tries to extricate himself from Zannis, the dodgy dealer demands reluctant Brody take a delivery of illegal substances at Salt restaurant, threatening to hurt his little sister when he tries to refuse. But brave Brody stands up to Zannis and warns he’ll report him to the police if he doesn’t leave him alone – thinking he’s sorted the situation, Mr Morgan is unaware that vengeful Zannis later breaks into the family home and pours poison into the water jug in the fridge…

Meanwhile, copper Kat Chapman is determined to bust the drugs ring and catch Zannis, but Brody is too scared to carry out his threat to co operate with the cops and dob him in. That is until the dealer implies he’s been in the house and the Morgans could be in danger…

Back at the house, Tori and Nate Cooper are having a deep and meaningful discussion about the future of their rocky romance, but as Tori sips water from the jug she suddenly falls ill and is rushed to hospital.

Brody dashes to his sister’s bedside and is told she had a seizure caused by a suspiciously high level of potassium in her system. Knowing this is Zannis’s handiwork, Brody angrily accuses him of almost killing his sister and a showdown ensues – but the manipulated Mr Morgan feels he has no choice but to take the delivery at Salt.

By this time, Kat has got hold of Zannis’s phone records and knows he’s been in regular contact with Brody. Heading to confront him at the restaurant, Kat wants answers as to why Brody lied about his involvement with the drug baron – just as he’s hiding the package in the storeroom…

Lying to Kat that he never sold any drugs for Zannis, he was just trying to get him hooked and didn’t reveal he knew him for fear of reprisals, Brody just about manages to cover his tracks and make out he’s been the victim in all of this.

Satisfied for now, although suspicious he’s still hiding something, Kat lets it go and Justin praises his brother for not getting sucked into selling drugs…

Following the close call, guilty Brody finally delivers the gear to Zannis and tells him to stay away – he never wants to hear from him again. But Zannis tempts him with a free stash of drugs – which troubled Brody is ultimately unable to resist…

Now he’s fallen off the wagon, how much more danger will Brody put himself in? And next time Zannis targets another member of the Morgan clan, what will the outcome be?

Home and Away airs these scenes on Tuesday 11, Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 July on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.