Emmerdale: killer Emma’s secret revealed by Arthur?

And how far will Emma go to cover her tracks?


A crazed Emma Barton will try to destroy incriminatory video evidence in next week’s Emmerdale – but will Arthur reveal the truth before the village killer is able to cover her tracks?


As fans of the ITV soap know, Emma was caught on camera trying to confuse an ailing Ashley, who had witnessed her actions on the day of the Hotton bypass crash.

And the upcoming drama will see Arthur confront Emma over what she was up to after he once again views the footage of his late dad being reduced to tears.

Despite her best efforts to come up with a convincing explanation, Emma soon realises that the video needs to be binned, especially when Arthur tells her that he’s going to confess everything to his mum.

The trouble is that Laurel already has concerns about her anxious son due to the fact that he’s started to wet the bed.

Wondering how to broach the subject with him, Laurel ends up seeking advice from nurse Emma, thus unwittingly playing straight into her hands…

So, will Emma use her new-found access to set a trap for Arthur? And just how far will she go to cover her tracks?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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