Emmerdale: Pierce walks free – what next for Rhona?

He's got an answer for everything as the rape investigation begins


Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk faces more misery after her husband Pierce Harris was released by the police over her rape allegation in tonight’s episode.


Brave Rhona finally named poisonous Pierce as her attacker in yesterday’s emotional double bill, and tonight it seemed the lying lawyer would get his comeuppance as he was interrogated by the cops following his arrest.

But of course slippery Pierce had an answer for everything, and continued his campaign to discredit Rhona by claiming she had slipped back into painkiller addiction and could not be trusted.


Knowing how to use the law to his advantage, under-pressure Pierce spun his story that Rhona had been using drugs for months and he’d dutifully stuck by his unstable partner and kept quiet for fear of harming her professional reputation. He also claimed she was still in love with her ex, Paddy Kirk, and that she’d demanded a divorce the minute they were married.

When questioned about the attack on their wedding day, Pierce insisted his wife had consented to sex but was too intoxicated to attend the reception.

The only slight wobble in Pierce’s act came when he was told Rhona had visited a sexual assault referral centre in the wake of their wedding to report the rape and was tested clear for drugs and alcohol – and was also covered in bruises.

Of course the quick-thinking manipulator turned it back round to Rhona and weaved another web of lies to explain her injuries by saying she liked intimate rough role play – claiming she was now ‘crying rape’ to make him look like the villain. He even had the gall to say she needed to seek help for her issues… 


Back in the village, Rhona and Paddy had a heart-to-heart in the wake of her ex finally learning the truth about the rape, and he pledged to stand by her. But a call from the police station threw Rhona into despair as she was told Pierce had been released as there was not enough evidence to detain him until a stronger case had been built up.

With it now being arch-manipulator Pierce’s word against hers, Rhona fears no one will believe her as the investigation continues. Next week, her worries increase as she faces the village gossips when the police enquiry gathers pace – and Pierce returns to the village…

Will Pierce really get away with his terrible crime?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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