Neighbours: Finn and Xanthe go on the run – and things get nasty

The vulnerable teen is in danger from the terrible teacher


Neighbours is lining up dramatic developments in twisted teacher Finn Kelly’s manipulation of lovestruck pupil Xanthe Canning as the pair go on the run together, ending in a violent showdown where Finn collapses and is left for dead by the teen. 


In the coming weeks, Xanthe’s family and friends grow increasingly concerned about Finn’s hold over her. After Mr Kelly’s antagonistic actions to bring down Susan Kennedy and usurp her as school principal catch up with him, Xanthe still keeps quiet, having been groomed by the gruesome guy.


When Xanthe disappears, Gary, Sheila and Elly are in a race against time to track her down – unaware she’s on a plane with Finn! The pair are on the run together, but how has Finn convinced the naive young Canning to accompany him out of Erinsborough?

The stakes have got higher than Finn ever thought they would and his sinister plot gets out of hand, so he’s forced to put an emergency plan into action to save his own skin – putting others in danger in the process…

Following a series of shocking and dramatic events, Finn continues to manipulate the situation in his favour, and Xanthe ends up confronting him at his hiding place in the deserted caravan (recently occupied by Sonya Rebecchi when she was in hiding – clearly it’s the go-to place for troubled Ramsay Street souls…).


These new pictures show the encounter turns violent and Finn collapses. Panicking, Xanthe flees – has she cottoned on to her crush’s true agenda? Has he passed out as a result of his aneurysm? Or is he manipulating things even more – putting Xanthe in grave danger?


You can read more about Finn’s evil antics in our exclusive interview with actor Rob Mills here


Neighbours airs these episodes on Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 June on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.