Coronation Street: Aidan and Maria are caught on camera

"I would have given him a clip round the ear a long time ago!" says actor Shayne Ward


Guilty secrets do have a habit of being exposed in soapland – so it should come as no surprise to Coronation Street’s Aidan and Maria that their secret trysts end up getting caught on camera. 


The big problem for the pair is that it’s Adam Barlow who ends up taking the saucy snap – and, as fans know, he’s not above employing a few mercenary tactics when it comes to getting what he wants.

Scenes to be shown on Friday 16 June will see Adam sending the incriminatory photo to Aidan anonymously, a move that is obviously just the first step in a grand plan. So should Aidan be worried about what Adam has planned?


“Oh, I would have given him a clip round the ear a long time ago!” says actor Shayne Ward. “I would have said, ‘mate, it’s not worth it’. I would have told him to stay single in the first place!”

The shock development comes at the climax of a busy week for Aidan, who earlier on has accepted girlfriend Eva’s proposal of marriage despite the fact that he’d just been getting amorous with Maria in the looks at the Rovers!

“Yes, Aidan is completely shocked, especially seeing as he’d been in the toilets with Maria before Eva popped the question, the naughty boy. He’s lost for words for quite some time.”

It’s a close call that leads to Maria demanding that Aidan choose between her and Eva. Put on the back foot, Aidan ends up telling Maria that he’ll split up with Eva but that Maria needs to be patient so that he can let his fiancee down gently.  But it’s when he and Maria kiss in the ginnel that Adam ends up taking his surreptitious snap!


Speaking about Aidan’s feelings for the two women in his life, Ward says: “Although Aidan’s feelings for Maria are getting stronger, he definitely loves Eva. It’s true – he does love two women! Maria restarted their affair, but Aidan’s gone along with it. So both are to blame.

“He knows that if he gets caught, that could be the end of him and Eva, but he just can’t help it.”

And has it been odd for Ward as an actor to come into work and be regularly snogging two of his co-stars? “Not in the slightest – it’s an absolute breeze. Because I’ve known Cath [Tyldesley] and Samia [Longchambon] and their husbands for some time, there’s no awkwardness.

“It’s just work and we actually have a laugh about it and say, ‘What a job we do!'”

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