Coronation Street: David learns the truth about Shona?

Will the pair’s burgeoning romance be rocked by her dark secret being revealed?


Is David finally set to find out that Shona is the mother of killer Clayton, the very man who stabbed Kylie to death in the middle of Coronation Street? It certainly looks that way, judging by these new pictures that feature a showdown between the two at Kylie’s graveside.


The confrontation comes at the climax of a dramatic week that sees Shona undergoing an operation for a ruptured spleen following a brutal beating.

After Shona comes through the op, David notices that she has a c-section scar which, he’s told, has made the surgery tricky. Faced with David’s confusion, Billy is quick to tell him that Shona had a son who she lost.

Scenes to be shown next Wednesday will then see Gail left perturbed when she witnesses David kissing Shona as she lies in her hospital bed recuperating. Gail later tells her son that she’s concerned he’s getting too close to Shona and that it’s all soon after Kylie’s death. For her part, Shona will be seen confiding in Eileen that she has feelings for David.

But Corrie fans can expect events to come to a head when David takes Lily and Max to visit Kylie’s grave, only to find Shona standing there. Will she be able to explain why she’s paying respects to someone she never even met? Or will Shona finally give up her guilty secret?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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