Home and Away: Leah and VJ forced to hand over baby Luc

Ash and Kat struggle to look after the little girl


The day Home and Away’s VJ Patterson has been dreading finally comes as he’s forced to hand over baby Luc to Ash and girlfriend Kat Chapman in upcoming episodes. 


Following last week’s decision from the courts that Ash is granted interim custody of his tiny niece, stepdad VJ and mum Leah prepare for their last night with the little girl before handing her over. Mother and son are devastated as they deliver Luc to her new home (although angry VJ reminds Ash this is only an interim arrangement…), and it’s clear Kat is not totally sold on the idea of raising the tot. 

Not helping the awkward atmosphere in their apartment is Ash’s brother Patrick, who is suspiciously anxious around the baby – even to the point of refusing to hold her. Is there something in his mysterious past that could explain his behaviour? 

Lucy starts crying as soon as VJ drops her off – and literally doesn’t stop for hours. Ash, Kat and Patrick are clueless as to how to pacify her, with Kat feeling particularly trapped in a situation she didn’t ask for…

Eventually getting a break from the baby’s bawling, the stressed copper grabs a breather at the diner and runs into Leah and VJ. Apologising to her friends about how badly she feels, Leah softens slightly and Kat opens up about how difficult she’s finding it looking after Luc.

Later, VJ comes to Kat and Ash’s place with dead mum Billie’s rings on a necklace to hang over Luc’s cot – something he used to do that seemed to settle her. Ash is grateful, but the testy teen grunts he’s not doing it for him, he’s doing it for Luc…

The next day, Kat, Ash and Patrick go for lunch at the diner with baby monitor in tow, leaving Luc asleep upstairs. Right on cue as soon as they’ve sat down, Luc starts crying and Ash rushes off, while Patrick makes his excuses and leaves.

Alone and unsure about taking on the tot, Kat confides in Marilyn her fears that Luc’s presence could change things between her and Ash – and not in a good way. As the pals chat, it’s clear Kat is looking for excuses to be apart from her boyfriend and the baby…


Has Ash destroyed his relationship with Kat by fighting for custody of Luc?

Home and Away airs these episodes on Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 June on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.