EastEnders: Mick kisses Whitney again – here’s what happens next

It looks like the affair is officially on...


EastEnders’ Mick Carter shared a passionate kiss with daughter-in-law Whitney in tonight’s episode, pushing the pair closer than ever towards a full-blown affair.


After the week from hell where he discovered his whole family had betrayed him by forging his signature on paperwork to sell the freehold of his beloved Queen Vic, Mick was nursing an almighty hangover at the start of this evening’s instalment. 

Forced to apologise to the Carter clan for his crazed alcohol-fuelled meltdown in which he laid into the family and tore at the wallpaper (though many fans were pleased the garish parrot pattern got a pasting), it appeared Mick had turned a corner.

Taking a special private moment to clear the air with Whit, things got a bit too close for comfort as he tried to comfort her, and the confused Carter lass stormed out in tears.


the end of the episode, Whitney knocked on Mick’s bedroom door and a frank, emotional exchange about how much they’d missed each other while Mick was away in Bulgaria led to the inevitable (and pretty steamy) snog. 

It’s not the first time they’ve locked lips of course – Whitney started her huge crush on the lovable landlord a few years ago and made a move (which he rejected), and back in January they shared a furtive smooch in the aftermath of the bus crash where Whitney nearly came a cropper, but that seemed to be very much in the heat of the moment. 

Since then the spark between them has been simmering away, and with Mick’s son Lee’s recent request for a divorce throwing Whitney into total turmoil and Linda’s betrayal of Mick obviously making his eyes wander in another woman’s direction, tonight’s twist was clearly signposted.

Some fans – and Danny Dyer himself – have been very vocal about not turning Mick Carter into a cheat, as the original vision for the character was to be 100% faithful to childhood sweetheart Linda.


It remains to be seen whether Mick and Whitney will embark on a full affair behind Linda’s back, but in Monday’s episode, Johnny and Kathy are worried about Whit’s increasingly subdued behaviour.

Will they find out what went on between her and Mick? And with Linda due back soon, what does the future hold for the Carters’ marriage?

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