Redwater cliffhanger: Kat discovers that priest Dermott is her son

But will she now put herself in danger?


Tonight’s episode of Redwater has seen priest Dermott Dolan reveal to Kat Moon that he is her son.


Fans expecting that the EastEnders spin-off would save the reunion for its final episode got a surprise when Dermott dropped the bombshell this evening – though Kat currently remains unaware that her offspring is a disturbed killer.

Viewers will now have to see whether Kat will endanger both herself and her family should she decide to get close with Dermott.


In the run-up to the big reveal, the Moons’ young son was seen going missing on the day of villager Lance’s funeral. As the rain came down, he ended up seeking sanctuary with Dermott, only to start asking awkward questions about the nature of death.

When Kat, Alfie and matriarch Agnes finally tracked Tommy down to the church, the young lad disclosed that he’d managed to find his brother. Cue the penny dropping for Kat as she realised that she was now standing face to face with her own brother.


Speaking last week about his decision to reveal the identity of Kat’s son, executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collns said: “We wanted the audience to be saying, ‘run away, Kat and Alfie! Go back to Spain! As we know, Dermott is Harry’s son – so there are demons and darkness there.

“How much Harry is there in him? How much bad blood is there? That’s an interesting story to tell.”


Kat and Alfie: Redwater continues next Thursday on BBC1 at 8:00pm