Hollyoaks reveals Cleo’s fate – plus sick Prince collapses!

Is Prince now set to die just as Cleo is saved?


Hollyoaks has revealed that Cleo McQueen survived the motorbike smash that left her life on the line – but the future of Prince McQueen has been thrown into doubt thanks to a shock collapse.


Scenes just broadcast on E4 saw Cleo emerge from her coma after having her spleen removed. But she faced fresh heartache after Joel revealed that he’d once again donned his dog collar after making a pledge to God to return to the church should Cleo survive.


Prince, meanwhile, discharged himself from hospital, but left his nearest and dearest frantic with worry after Tegan warned that he had a subdural haematoma that could kill kim if left untreated.

Little did they know that a weary Prince had teamed up with dodgy dad Shane to get hold of some much-needed cash. As they broke into the school to steal some camera equipment, Prince ended up collapsing just as the police arrived – and a heartless Shane ended up leaving him behind.


So, has Hollyoaks saved Cleo only to now kill off Shane? You can find out when Hollyoaks’s next E4 first-look episode airs tomorrow at 7:00pm.