Emmerdale exit for Rebecca White?

She's headed for Ibiza in next week's episodes


An under-pressure Rebecca White looks set to exit the village in next week’s Emmerdale when she buys a one-way ticket to Ibiza.


Speaking about Rebecca’s decision to leave, actress Emily Head said: “Everything is getting a bit much and she just needs to leave. Its something that Rebecca is very good at doing when things get a bit too tough. She needs to get away from the stares of the people in the village and not be a part of it anymore.”

Events will come to a head after Robert returns to the village and confronts a pregnant Rebecca about the fact that she hasn’t yet had an abortion. Later on, Rebecca confesses to Victoria that she’s decided to keep the identity of her baby’s father a secret.


But the pressure looks set to mount after Robert ends up confessing all to Aaron about the one-night stand that resulted in Rebecca’s pregnancy.

It’s fair to say that Emmerdale fans – and #Robron devotees in particular – haven’t been best pleased by Robert’s infidelity, voicing their displeasure on social media. But the fact that their anger has mainly been targeted at Rebecca has come as a surprise to the actress who plays her:

“I came in knowing what was going to happen when I started. I read it and thought, ‘oh no, but they’re so well loved’. But I was surprised by just how angry people are. I understand their upset, but there was this thing online about how, because Robert was drunk, he had no fault in all of this. 

“But Rebecca wasn’t just turning up to sleep with him – it was more the case that what he was saying made it happen. I know some fans put Rebecca at fault, but I think Robert is just as much to blame as she is.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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