Coronation Street: Shona prepares to reveal all to David next week

After saving his life, will Shona finally tell David she's the mum of Kylie's killer?


David Platt could be in for a shock next week on Coronation Street when he hears news about Kylie’s killer – will he discover Shona Ramsey’s secret link to the man who murdered his wife? 


Viewers recently learnt what Shona had been hiding ever since she came to Coronation Street – that she was the mother of teenage tearaway Clayton Hibbs, currently serving time in a young offenders’ institute for stabbing Kylie Platt to death last summer. Only Gail is in on the truth, but next week it looks like David will at last find out what his neighbour has been hiding. 

In Friday’s episode, Shona overhears young Faye Windass telling Pat Phelan there’s been a fight at the young offenders’ – where her boyfriend Seb is also incarcerated – and the manic mum panics when she is told her son has been seriously injured.

David later receives word that Clayton is fighting for his life in hospital which he sees as cause for celebration, so he gets drunk and crosses his fingers the bad boy doesn’t pull through…


Finding drunken David out on the cobbles in the exact spot where he held dying Kylie, Shona ends up saving the pickled Mr Platt from the path of an oncoming car.

Torn as to whether to come clean, could this be the moment Shona decides to be honest with David and tell him Clayton is her son? How would David react? Or would he be too drunk to remember even if she does confess?


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