Hollyoaks: Tegan Lomax pregnant by Nick Savage

Someone's in for a shock next week...


Hollyoaks is lining up a surprise pregnancy plot for Tegan Lomax next week. 


The naughty nurse has been enjoying a carry-on with disgraced colleague Nick Savage, while still seeing girlfriend Holly Cunningham. Teegs gets an attack of the guilts next week when she demands that Nick dump his other half so they can be together properly, despite being caught by a patient as they’re getting cosy.


In next Tuesday’s E4 episode, Tegan and Nick are spotted snogging at the hospital by Zack Loveday – will he tell pal Holly what he’s witnessed? That’s the least of Tegan’s troubles though, as she panics when she thinks the ‘hangover’ she’s had all day could be something else – morning sickness…


Summoning the nerve to secretly take a pregnancy test the following day, jumpy Teegs ends up dropping it in the bin when she’s interrupted by housemate Courtney Campbell.

Later fishing it out (let’s hope she’s wearing some surgical gloves), she’s stunned to see it’s positive!

Nasty Nick doesn’t want to know, and tells Nurse Lomax it was just a bit of fun and he’s got no intention of finishing with hot Holly. But will Zack’s threat to the sleazy Savage to come clean to Hols within 24 hours or he’ll spill the beans change Nick’s mind about his sticky situation?

And how will Tegan deal with this baby bombshell? Will she reveal all to Holly?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.