Hollyoaks: Prince and Hunter’s bad dad Shane returns next week

The McQueen boys' reunion with their father is fraught from the start


Prince and Hunter McQueen are stunned when their estranged father Shane returns to Hollyoaks next week – and immediately involves them in his dangerous antics.


Ex-con Shane was last seen doing a runner from the village after walking out on his sons and their mum Goldie back in February. Nothing’s been heard from him since, so imagine the twins’ surprise when they find him hiding out in Hollyoaks High in next Monday’s E4 episode.

Sneaking into the school after hours to retrieve Hunter’s saucy sketches of tasty teacher Neeta from Miss Kaur’s desk, the lads are hoping they can be in and out of the classroom avoiding detection – only to find an injured Shane.


Distracted by their dad’s reappearance, the boys have to think fast when Louis Loveday shows up to do some after-hours marking. Forced to hide in the store cupboard, the boys panic as they try to figure out how they’ll sneak Shane to the shack so he can recover from his injury and still get Hunter’s sketches.

Luckily, Louis briefly leaves the room and the trio escape – but on the way out Shane spies some expensive camera equipment being stored and blackmails his sons into helping him steal it.

In Wednesday’s episode on E4, Shane works his charm on Neeta and spins a story that he works for a company who’s sold the equipment to the school and asks for his cash. Gullible Neets is totally taken in, but Hunter then reveals to his teacher who Shane really is. In retaliation for shopping their dad, Prince gives Neeta his brother’s sexy drawings…


Shane is set to become a regular character and next week’s episodes see the debut of Michael Salami in the role, replacing original actor Lanre Malaolu who was unable to reprise the part due to scheduling conflicts.

Hollyoaks is planning big things for shady Shane, and there’s lots of potential plots lining up. Goldie will be departing soon to accommodate actress Chelsee Healey’s upcoming maternity leave, so it doesn’t look like there’ll be a happy ever after with his ex. And Shane also knows the truth about Joel Dexter’s part in Katy Fox’s death – will he tell Warren, who’s just murdered Bart McQueen thinking he was responsible for his sister’s demise?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.