Coronation Street: Shona’s past revealed – “Fans thought she was Kylie’s mum!”

Interview with Julia Goulding on being mum to a murderer


Tonight’s Coronation Street finally revealed Shona Ramsey’s dark secret – that she’s the estranged mum of Kylie Platt’s killer, Clayton Hibbs.


A visit to her son at the young offenders’ unit shed some light on their backstory, as Shona blamed Clayton’s dad for turning him against her and setting her son on a dark path that led to him being sent down for stabbing someone.

Later confiding in Gail, Shona shoulders some of the blame for her son’s behaviour herself – but as Gail wisely said: “Nobody sets out to raise a monster…” Talking of her own little monster, Shona must now try and keep the truth about her identity a secret from David who’d surely flip if he knew the mother of his beloved wife’s murderer was living on the street and serving bacon butties in Roy’s Rolls. And that his mum knew all about it…

Julia Goulding, who plays Shona, reveals more about the shock twist and what’s in store for her character.

We know Clayton was mainly raised by his father, so why hasn’t Shona been involved in her son’s life for so long?

They lived on the same estate where Kylie and Gemma grew up, and Shona raised Clayton until he was about 10 with absolutely no contact with his dad, and then the father got in touch. Clayton wanted to know more about him which Shona absolutely did not want to happen, but that pushed Clayton towards him even more. He was a very bad influence and it caused arguments between Clayton and Shona, so he left and moved in with his dad.

Is Shona carrying a lot of guilt about Clayton’s crime?

Absolutely, though when Billy took her in and she realised she was living on the same street as the Platts it was all a coincidence. She didn’t expect to have so much contact with them, and has been torn between doing the right thing and leaving, but also she’s really happy in the life she’s created after having quite a hard, traumatic time of it.

What’s her relationship like with Clayton now?

I think he resents his mum but a lot of it is bravado, because he doesn’t want to show a soft side. She hasn’t visited much since he went to prison.

How old was she when she had him?

She was 13, and she’s 29 now, but it is quite scary because obviously the lad Callum (Harrison) who plays Clayton is 18 and I’m 32, so I actually could be his mother which is pretty scary!

Shona and David have formed a little bond, how do you think he’d react if he knew her link to Clayton?

Well, knowing David, he’s not really one to take things lightly, so I imagine if he does find out it would be quite explosive. Some fans thought they were going to get together at one point, but imagine how complicated that relationship would be now!

Did you hear any theories from the fans about who Shona could be?

Yes, quite a few. My favourite was that I’m Kylie’s mum – I’m pretty sure Paula Lane and I are the same age! I think a lot of people thought she was connected to Callum in some way. When Shona visited Kylie’s grave, people were convinced I knew her, and obviously the connection is through her killer. That threw people off the scent a bit, which has been enjoyable because more theories have come up and have kept it bubbling along.

Has it been difficult to keep the secret?

So hard! I’ve not told anybody, plus when I got the job, I was filming for a couple of months before I was on screen, and that was difficult because I was living in London and I sort of moved up to Manchester on the sly. I’m really excited about it being revealed finally.

Do you think viewers will have sympathy for Shona?

I’m hoping they’ve got to know her enough to see she’s got a good heart. Underneath it all she’s a survivor, and somebody that makes decisions based upon self-preservation, and also she didn’t kill Kylie – I know she’s lied but in her head it was for the right reasons.

What about her past with Nathan, are we going to learn more about that?

Yes. Nathan and Shona used to go out, and when Shona realised things were heading in the same direction we’re seeing with Bethany now, she told him to do one – hence why she ended up homeless at Christmas because he’d kicked her out. So when Nathan came to the street it was to find Shona and get her back, and then he found Bethany. Shona has cigarette burns on her shoulder which Nathan did. But at the moment she has no idea that Bethany’s Nathan is the Nathan that she used to be with.

Are you enjoying being on the show?

This is my dream job, and my first television role. For it to be on Coronation Street which I’ve watched since I was born, is wonderful. I had my 5th birthday at Granada studio tours because I so wanted to be on that street! 

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