Home and Away: Brody runs for his life during a bush fire – plus Tori gets a blast from the past

13-17 March 2017: And Justin get a blast from the past


Monday 13 March


Ranae and her gang speed off in Tori’s car, but the law catches up with them. Justin’s condition is critical after he is stabbed. VJ and Billie are stranded by the roadside as the bushfire approaches with alarming speed. Hearing of the conflagration, Phoebe organises an evacuation of the festival site, but Olivia and Mason have gone missing. 

Tuesday 14 March

The residents who were trapped by the bushfire gradually emerge from their ordeal, but Marilyn is missing and nobody has seen Olivia and Mason. Billie gives birth to a baby girl, and VJ promises that he will always be there for her. Irene is terrified when Mick shows up at the Beach House. Meanwhile at the hospital, Tori is shocked by the arrival of a new surgeon. 

Wednesday 15 March

Tori reveals that her new colleague is Riley Hawkins, a former boyfriend. Riley is in turn shocked when she tells him where she has been for the last seven years. Olivia and Mason turn up unscathed, but Alf and John head out into the bush to look for Marilyn. Mick tries to apologise to Irene, but his pleas for forgiveness remain unanswered. 

Thursday 16 March

Marilyn is rushed into hospital, having suffered terrible burns. A distraught John tries to conceal the extent of her injuries from her. Darcy is pleasantly surprised to find Heath and Bianca at the Beach House. The two reveal that Bianca is pregnant again. Justin awakens in hospital and has a welcome visitor in the shape of Phoebe. 


Friday 17 March

Olivia makes her feelings for Mason obvious  – but she may be trying a little too hard to impress him. Nate tries to reassure Marilyn that her scars will disappear, but they need to take things one day at a time. Bianca has a heart-to-heart chat with Nate and comes to a decision about the baby. Ash returns to Summer Bay with one thing on his mind.