EastEnders: Dennis discovers Michelle’s big secret!

Will he reveal all about what he saw Michelle and Preston doing?


Michelle and Preston may have been hoping to keep their secret relationship under wraps, but someone has just discovered the truth. Yes, young Dennis Rickman has just spied the pair together in tonight’s episode of EastEnders.


Viewers saw Michelle start the day with the intention of getting shot of Preston following a call from his mum asking about her son’s whereabouts.

Michelle denied all knowledge, Dennis was soon asking questions about why Preston’s mum just happened to be calling.

After an awkward dinner during where Louise and Dennis both started causing trouble, Preston realised the toll his presence was taking on Michelle and finally agreed to leave. 


However, tonight’s cliffhanger then saw Michelle and Preston once again struggle to resist each other as one thing led to another in the living room.

But as the pair got close, Michelle started to fear that they’d been spotted, only for Preston to reassure her by saying she was paranoid. But little did they know that Dennis had clocked everything!

Fans will now have to wait until tomorrow to find out whether Dennis keeps his new-found information to himself or if Michelle’s secret will now be blown!


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