Coronation Street: Michelle smacks Leanne as baby secret explodes – find out what happens next

Michelle wants a divorce, and Steve wants custody of Oliver


Michelle Connor had a vicious showdown with Leanne Battersby in tonight’s Coronation Street after discovering her husband Steve McDonald is the father of Leanne’s baby.


In a brutal scene between the women, shaken Leanne tried to apologise and explain the situation – that Steve wasn’t with Michelle when they slept together and they never meant to hurt anyone.

But angry Michelle unleashed a tirade against the new mum, berating her betrayal as they shared their pregnancies, and even saying she wished her baby had died instead of Ruairi, the son her and Steve tragically lost last month.

Leanne insisted Steve only lied to protect their marriage, as Michelle struggled to take in the enormity of Steve’s deceit – grieving for Ruairi while knowing he had another child across the street.

Exploding with grief and anger, Michelle delivered an almighty smack to Leanne’s face, knocking her flying during the confrontation in the bistro kitchen. 

The truth about Leanne’s baby finally emerged as Steve confessed all during a party celebrating little Oliver’s birth. 

Steve and Michelle’s marriage seemingly over, the fallout continues next week when Michelle demands a divorce and barricades herself in the Rovers. And despite telling Leanne he wanted nothing to do with their child, Steve announces he now wants to fight for some custody. But what will Leanne and Nick have to say about that?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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