Emmerdale: Debbie Dingle stays behind as Faith takes sick Sarah to Prague

Is this the last we’ve seen of feisty Faith?


Debbie Dingle’s plan to flee the country with her daughter was scuppered in tonight’s Emmerdale, as granny Faith took her place at the last minute.


Determined to accompany sick Sarah to Prague for potentially life-saving cancer treatment, Deb was taking a huge risk attempting to leave the UK as she’s still on the police radar for a robbery she carried out in France – she’d potentially go straight to prison if caught breaching her travel ban.

Secretly scoring a fake passport from old flame Ross Barton, desperate Debbie tried to keep her plan from the rest of the Dingles but wily grandma Faith overheard the pair and sneakily stole the boarding passes from Debbie’s bag.

When Charity twigged her daughter’s idea, Debbie locked her mum in the cellar before grabbing the kids (and the dodgy passport) and speeding towards the airport with Ross.

After narrowly evading the cops, and sensible Sarah putting the plan in jeopardy by locking herself in the car and refusing to get on the plane, Debbie’s plan appeared dead in the water when she realised the boarding passes were missing – enter Faith and Cain arriving at the departure lounge in the nick of time.


Cain begged Debbie to delay the trip so Sarah could travel safely with Charity, but with treatment starting in 24 hours Deb was determined to get her daughter to leave immediately.

As the extent of the danger she’d be putting herself and her kids in dawned on her, distraught Debbie began to see sense – but everyone was surprised when great-grandma Faith offered to step in take Sarah to Prague there and then.

Promising to look after the little girl and be the kind of parent she wished she’d been to her own kids, Faith is clearly hoping this will make amends for her past bad behavior – although Cain clearly wasn’t convinced his mum isn’t just using Sarah’s illness to worm her way back in with the family.


But with no other choice, Cain and Debbie allowed Faith and Sarah to leave – with highly emotional scenes as they waved goodbye at the gates.

Is this the last we’ve seen of Faith? Has she done enough to earn the Dingles’ forgiveness? And will Sarah’s treatment work? 

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