Next week on Home and Away: the Morgans’ secret is finally revealed, plus Raffy needs help

27 February-3 March 2017: And Heath and Bianca try to work through their problems


Your guide to all of next week’s drama in Summer Bay…


Monday 27 February

Billie’s web of lies begins to unravel as Ash continues to demand answers from Phoebe. After giving evidence at Ranae’s trial, Justin hopes that his ordeal is finally over. Heath and Bianca tell Irene about their plan to stay in Summer Bay, but Heath soon gives Bianca reason to doubt his commitment. 

Tuesday 28 February

After the guilty verdict, there is jubilation in the Morgan household. Justin is still deeply troubled, unwilling to reveal his feelings for Phoebe and unable to reconnect with his daughter. Raffy is finding it difficult to write her father’s eulogy, despite Mason and Brody’s support. Nate finally learns why Tori has been cagey with him for so long. 

Wednesday 1 March

The Morgans’ secret is splashed over the front page of the Coastal News. Nate is unhappy that Tori felt unable to trust him, but matters get worse when he realises the extent of her deception. Arriving for work, Phoebe finds that Salt has been trashed, but Brody is reluctant to go to the police. Matt and Evelyn discover a fire at the garage. 

Thursday 2 March

Evelyn is terrified when Matt tries to tackle the blaze, and is relieved when the fire brigade arrive. Heath makes an appointment with a therapist and is not pleased when Bianca arrives late, distracted by a job offer from Zac. Olivia is torn between Mason and Hunter. Evelyn is reluctant to declare her true feelings for Matt. 


Friday 3 March

Mason and Hunter come to blows over Olivia. Heath and Bianca agree to go away for a break, but as they depart, a mysterious figure is watching. Billie receives an unexpected and unwanted gift. Kat investigates the cause of the fire at the garage. Ash is determined to find Billie’s attacker, despite her pleas to drop the matter.