Emmerdale: see Aaron say goodbye before going to prison – watch the full scene

Get a sneak peek of Thursday's emotional episode


Emmerdale fans should brace themselves for heartbreak later this week when Aaron says goodbye to his nearest and dearest in order to embark on his prison sentence.


Scenes to be shown on Thursday will see a tearful Aaron bid farewell in the Woolpack before starting his 12-month stretch inside.

But #Robron fans can still expect to see plenty of Aaron on screen, with plans afoot for a special episode devoted entirely to the impact of the character’s prison sentence.

Producer Iain MacLeod has promised that it will be an insight into “a day in the life of a convict, but it’s as much as a day in the life of the family. What’s it like for Robert, who’s lost his partner to prison? What’s it like for Liv losing her older brother/father figure to prison? What about how it affects Chas?

“It’s quite topical in that there’s a lot of coverage in the news around prison life and the kind of challenges prisoners and their families face, so we thought it was a really good opportunity to explore that using a well-liked group of characters. That’s coming up in the not too distant future.” 

Watch the scene from Wednesday’s episode below. Beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all this week’s drama on Emmerdale.

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