Coronation Street: Will Luke be the one to bring Phelan down?

Dean Fagan thinks his character could take on soap’s scariest villain


Pat Phelan’s reign of terror on Coronation Street is under threat next week when Luke Britton goes on the hunt for Andy Carver. He’s got a score to settle with his estranged mate and thinks he’s in Bristol – but the last time viewers saw him Pat dropped a very heavy laptop on his head and then buried his body. Or did he?


Thanks to a text Phelan sent from Andy’s phone, the locals think he just dumped girlfriend Steph and did a runner from Weatherfield and have no suspicions about his disappearing act. But Luke wants to confront Andy face to face, and when he announces he’s going to track him down Phelan starts to panic. Could Luke crack the case? Dean Fagan, who plays the mild-mannered mechanic, thinks so – if only by default…  

“Luke wants to confront Andy and find out why he dumped his sister so suddenly,” begins the actor. “He remembers him talking about having mates down in Bristol who’d offered him a job, so he reckons his best chance of finding him is to try his luck there. Then he decides to kill two birds with one stone and take Tracy and make it a romantic getaway.”


High-maintenance Tracy is not impressed when she realises her toy boy lover has another agenda, and in Wednesday’s episode when the couple are discussing Luke’s plan to combine a mini-break with finding Andy, nervy Phelan overhears. Considering what usually happens to people who agitate Phelan, should Luke be worried?

“Luke has no idea what Phelan’s really like. I would hope Phelan realises he doesn’t mean to meddle in his business and there’s no reason for him to be angry or want to hurt Luke in any way. I think he just sees him as a nuisance.” That’s what he thought about Andy. And Michael… Is finding Andy really worth it?

“He’s got unfinished business with him, and wants to have his say over how he thinks he treated Steph. Luke wants to ask Andy a few questions, and maybe rough him up a bit!”

Luke has no reason to think Andy has met a grisly fate, such is the skill of Phelan covering his tracks. But as word gets round about Luke’s plan, Pat’s ears are well and truly pricked up, and on Thursday he collars Tracy and starts pulling the strings as only he knows how.

Flattering her that she deserves better than a trip to Bristol, he convinces Ms Barlow to tell her boyfriend there’s no point in wasting money on this wild goose chase and he might as well spoil her instead. Luckily he agrees and Phelan’s secret is safe – for now.


Phelan’s crimes are bound to catch up with him at some point, so how would Fagan feel if he were the one to stumble on the truth and bring him down? “I think it would be brilliant and would love for that to happen! Without knowing it Luke is very heavily involved, and if he were to be the one to open it all up it would be interesting to see how he handled it all. We’d see another side to Luke.”

And despite the laptop to the head incident, there is still speculation among some fans that Andy may not be dead after all – we never saw exactly what happened after the laptop fell… “Yes, we didn’t see much after that did we?” continues Fagan, “it was left to the imagination. But it’s a good way of keeping Phelan around as there is this question mark over whether he is a killer or not. And we don’t want Connor McIntyre to go too soon!”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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