Coronation Street: Rosie hides the drugs – but what happens next?

Rosie's comeback plot takes some surprising twists next week


Coronation Street drug mule Rosie Webster thinks she’s out of danger now she’s buried the illegal substances planted on her in the allotment – but there’s more to come.


In tonight’s episode Rosie and little sister Sophie teamed up to bury the stash smuggled into her suitcase by her dodgy American boyfriend. Despite almost being caught by Brian (oh, the tension!), the girls got away with it, for now.

Next week, however, loose-lipped airhead Rosie (played by returnee Helen Flanagan, whose contract on the show has been extended until December) confesses all to Adam Barlow as the pair continue to flirt.

On Monday, wily Adam manages to charm the full story out of Rosie about how her fella planted drugs on her which she subsequently buried in stepdad Tim’s allotment.

Always on the lookout for the next underhand opportunity, the cocky Mr Barlow develops a plan of his own – phoning a drugs contact in the States to ensure Rosie’s dodgy boyfriend is safely behind bars, the slippery solicitor is clearly up to something.

Rosie is then horrified on Wednesday when Brian reveals that someone has dug up the allotment over night – panicking at having spilled the beans to Adam, she shares her fears with Sophie that he’s stolen the drugs, which would obviously be bad news for the Webster sisters.

Has Adam really done the dirty on Rosie? And if he has, what does he want out of this?

Next Thursday’s episode (yes there’s an extra Thursday helping of Coronation Street action next week) sees another twist in the buried contraband caper, as the girls openly discuss their law-breaking in broad daylight unaware that Todd Grimshaw (of all people) has overheard everything.

With two of Weatherfield’s most untrustworthy residents in the know about the unlikely lawbreakers, could there be further consequences for Rosie and Sophie in the coming weeks?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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