EastEnders: 10 big predictions for 2017

How do you follow that bus crash? Read on...


EastEnders has had an explosive start to the year with the gruesome death of the Mitchell sisters and the dramatic bus crash stunt making January one very busy month in Walford.


As the show continues to spring surprises on viewers, fans are desperate to know what’s next – we’ve taken a look around the current storylines and come up with 10 predictions. You read it here first…

The end of Mick Carter? 
Danny Dyer has been questioning his future at EastEnders, and made no secret he never wanted Mick to cheat on his beloved L. With negative fan reaction to Mick and Whitney’s kiss and the Carters under threat of losing the Queen Vic, could Mick be gone by the end of the year? 

Kim tracks down Baby Fox-Mitchell
Denise and Phil’s bubba was the show’s biggest timebomb for months, but fizzled out as quickly as it exploded. The parents have made peace with giving away their son, but Kim won’t let it go – don’t be surprised if she pursues the idea of adopting her nephew and bringing him up as her own.

Denise and Kush back on
Dee needs to let her hair down and that kiss with Kush over Christmas seemed to suggest another shot for this cute pair, after he was briefly in the frame as her baby’s father following their fling last year. It’s clearly not over.

A new family
Albert Square feels very roomy with so many characters having been axed, and is desperate for a new family – preferably one with a proper matriarch to take up the Peggy Mitchell mantle. It’s a part with Amanda Redman written all over it.


Steven cheats on Lauren with Johnny 
Don’t be fooled by Steven Beale’s loyal boyfriend to Lauren/superdad to Louie act – we’ve not forgotten that furtive look he shot Johnny Carter when he first arrived back from New Zealand. There’s an affair just waiting to happen.

Max gets it on with Michelle
A love interest must be round the corner for Michelle Fowler – anyone else notice those flirty moments between her and Max? What a dynamic (if miserable) pair they’d make. They’ll end up running the Square together.

Michelle’s ex and toy boy turn up
On the topic of ‘Chelle, there’s been a lot of talk about her ex Tim who she betrayed with toy boy lover Preston: what if one – or both – followed her to Walford? We need more gaps filled in on those missing years for Michelle.


Stacey’s new baby drama 
Stacey is trying for another baby, but remember what happened last time? This wouldn’t have been set up without dramatic consequences planned, so Lacey Turner better make space on her sideboard for more acting awards by the end of the year if EastEnders revisit the postpartum psychosis storyline.

Carmel’s mystery man 
Quite what the deal is with the unnamed character (played by Simon Williams) assisting Max’s takeover plot we’re not quite sure, but if destroying Bridge Street market was the next target we can see the suave mystery man turning on the charm for lonely Carmel to get her on side. 

Tanya returns along with Cora
With Max’s revenge shaping up to be one of 2017’s biggest stories, those Tanya Branning comeback rumours look increasingly likely. Jo Joyner teased as much on Twitter. Let’s hope she brings back mum Cora with her too.


You can also watch a 60-second rundown of all the drama on next week’s EastEnders below.

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